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it has been a long time since i have updated   
11:45am 18/01/2012
mood: indescribable
wow...so the last entry was back in 2007... how strange.. well a lot has changed over the years and i have been back tracking old blogs and pictures.. fun stuff
02:58pm 20/06/2007
mood: distressed
My poor bunny died last night in my mom's arms when I was at work.. I partially blame the animal "hospital" my mom told me to take him to. A real hospital would have told her to take him to an Emergency Animal Hospital so they could have done what ever Babycakes needed in order to still be alive!

I called PetsMart to see if they will be able to cut off his fur and put it into a container for me... But the doctor isnt in so I'm gonna wait for their phone call... Next week they are gonna pick him up to go creamate him..... so that my mom and I can have his ashes in an Urn...

I miss him sooo much! I love him... He was my baby for 3 years!! :( *tear*


06:26pm 20/05/2007
  i dunno what to do anymore...i feel so empty...i just want to die.... i've been starving myself so that i can just die...im tired of all the bullshit.... i just need a way of release...i kno i have people that care... but i dunno... i just cant picture myself living... ive been sick for 3 weeks... and the one person i love just doesn't seem to care.....only my best friends seems to care and have been trying to make me eat and whatnot....but its hard....


It's been Forever!!!   
04:16am 27/11/2006
  Wow...I cant believe how long its been since i've been on my live journal...damn... so much shit has happened in such a short time.. well i'm just updating so that ya'll that still use lj kno that i'm back! wooo! bye bye  
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10:18am 03/10/2005
  Alright.. I'm in the library bored out of my mind... Cri is across the 1st floor from me...and i'm getting..butterflies?..i dunno..whatever... I am tired... Turned in my english paper and I have a test at 2...blah! I think I am going to type up two papers. then I can get my gordon rule done..weee...

I have another week before Domi comes back from Colorado. This Friday is the monthly show. I dont feel like taking pictures.. I will video tape..but I'm not going to shoot Scamp... Just not in the mood with her attitude..I stopped talking to Mandy and Amy... so..lets see where it goes from there...

I went to the club with Mary last friday, met up with Nessa and Tina. Fun stuff. Bryana was there, tho was only around for awhile. I danced some, played many many games of pool.. like...4 hours worth..lol... anyways.. Tiff tried to start shit with me,..but I ignored her.. its pathetic how she acts like she's 16 when she's 23... anyways... shorty said hi to me..so we had small talk..and Tiff got mad...not my fault shorty was being mature and nice. Jeez.. taking the time to have small talk deserves small talk.. I'm not going to be rude towards her cuz of Tiff...

Anyways.. I am going to go now... Peace <3
Venting Time   
11:21am 29/08/2005
  I am bored right now. I'm in student life sitting next to James. I am tired as hell. Patty and I had a talk about whats been going on and shit... Showed her my stomach... If you thought my stomach looked bad when I had cut myself cuz of Allison, you should see it now.

Anyways.. I talked to Patty inbetween classes, Cri was brought up and I talked to Kevin. The twins were there and I swear... If they weren't my friends, I would be hitting on them...well I flirt with them anyways... but yea..lol

I wanna see my gurl today... but most likely I wont be able to.

I got a new job at Rick Case Honda Cycles. So if you ever wanna buy a bike or whatever, I can have one of my friends to hook ya up with a discount and shit..lol

I still need to give me girlfriend the necklace I bought her. It's one of those hispanic flag ones, and it has a girl with "I <3 Cuba" on it.. It's really cute.

I miss Brianna... *le sigh* I'm gonna go now... nothing to talk about..

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11:10am 22/08/2005
  Alrighty. Patty drove me to school, it was fun chillin with her until her gf called and started to act all weird and jealous. Made a few new friends in class. Miranda is in my Government class..which is cool, got her new number. Bob is in my english class...he fell asleep..lol After class walked Patty to her car then I started walking towards student life saw Kevin, we talked for a bit... her ruined my day by telling me that he saw Cri... blah.. I completely forgot... But oh well.. Matt is gonna pick me up around 1... I got Mr. Eckert again.. wo0o0o0o! He is the coolest teacher! Then I got work at 5.. so yea... no work tomorrow, wed, or friday... weeeeeeee... Patty and I are gonna chill on wed. and do homework together. I am setting my goals this semester...no fucking up...no dealin with bs drama..

I love my gf...and if you dont like it..then fuck off. I hope to see her on Friday <333333

Well, I must go now. Dont feel like standing here in the library updating.. I will be posting a blog on my profile later today... It's gonna be start off with my birthday ending to today...but that for those who dont read this and read my blogs.

P3@c3 Out
Car collision   
10:04pm 15/08/2005
  Well.. I was in a car crash today...yea...sux...my dad seemed to care more about the car than me,..which shows me the true side of his redneck personality...but he apologized...he's a stubborn muthafucka..lol..just like me... atleast i didn't die... i hung out with shorty at her house..just talking and whatnot.. and here i am..in my bed talking to my gf....i'm tired...i'm gonna go now..bye  
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"It's My Birthday..   
11:52am 15/08/2005
  And I'll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to.
You know that it'll happen to you!"

Lol...I'm bored.. My mom is in a good mood.. I have to wait till3 to see my girl...but it seems my 'rents have soomething planned for me.. I had a quart of beer this morning after work..So i'm feeeling great!!!

I"M OLD! Yay!!! hehehehe!!!

02:37am 28/07/2005
  Yo Yo Yo! Wussup Wussup? Got my comp up and runnin! 'Cept I lost all my shit... but thats aiight... Its the beginning of a new era for me. I might've lost my pics n shit.. but Iz still gots my memories. I gots a loving gf who I care for so very much! And I cant wait ta take pics of her <3 I gots upcoming DK shows ta shoot, parties ta attend to, and women to flirt with! haha Dont worrie babygurl, ya knoz I lovez ya and I wont cheat on ya. We allz kno ya gots me in da palm of yer hand ;) lol

Well to all my exs who may or may not read this. Hope ya'llz lives are gettin betta. 'Memba..Ya still gots yearz ahead of yaz. We had or good N bad times.. But thats life 4 yea... I'm outtie!

Group Photos   
03:25am 25/07/2005
  Alrighty then... I have decided to take photos of the DK fans at the next show.. So if there are any women/girls/bois/ect out there that wanna have their pics taken with the DK group or just their fave King. All ya gotta do is hit me up at da Club(Cloud 9)

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03:27pm 21/07/2005
  I didn't go to Logic today..kinda overslept.. lol Got my paycheck..and I will get gas tomorrow when I go and pick up Bri <3

I miss my babygrrl, cant wait till its tomorrow... Lots of hawt sxe! lol Plus she gets to meet JD and watch the video of the last drag show, and yea.. It will be mucho fun tomorrow. ^_^

Talked to GiGi today 'bout birthdays, school and our lovers. Right after I got off the comp my baby called me ^_^ weee! I wish I could be talking to her right now...but she probably fell asleep... and I have work soon.. blah.. I gotta be saving money for somethings I need and want..

1. Strap On
2. Tattoo on wrist
3. Tattoo on Shoulder
4. B-day present for My Babygrrl
5. Cloths from Buff

Alrighty.. I must go to work now.. bye bye..
04:11am 21/07/2005
  I am so tired.. I have class in a few hours... blah.. Yesterday I slept all morning and afternoon before having to go to my logic class, talked to my grrl for hours.. then went home and talked to her sum more and played with my baby.

JD called me, telling me that Kika sent her an email saying she decided that The Drama Kings can hold the show for Chris.. So JD is pissed at the others..for not telling her beforehand.. Shaunda sent me in a bio and I gave it a thumbs up then sent it to JD. I went to work..and forgot my cell.. during my break I went home.. got it, and got gas.. After work I drove up to West Palm to go clubbin with Tiff and Heidie. Saw a friend there selling her stuff, so I went up to her and chatted up a storm for a couple hours..lol She gave me a shirt for free. And I'm gonna talk to Tamara to see if we can do a lil business with Buff. Promoting her and the merchandise will be great for both sides.

Told Kristin that I needed her bio..and that she can say anything in it..I left around 2am..and here I am..awake... bored...pissed..tired..and yea...

So Friday is the Farewell show.. I'm gonna hang out with my gf that day, she's gonna meet JD, and watch the Video I took of the last show :D Then we are gonna go to Cloud 9 so she can see the show and meet the others. Next week the meeting is gonna go on..and I'll have my disk of photos...and soon JD and I are gonna update the site and whatnot.. Gonna Interview the new gals that wanna be kings..and figure things out.. Then the Friday after will be the next show <3

Then on the 31st I have to go to a meeting for 6Flavas..and have a g00d ol' time <3 I still got that sunburn from this past sunday.. lol Yea yea.. I kno Tamara.. That's what I get for working, lifting, carrying, fixing, helping, showin off my sexy skin while being in the hot blazing sun..lol

Well, if anyone is interesting in becoming a King, being part of the show, in photos, or just being updated on all the events that are going on.. Just email me, leave a comment, or call me.

Note: I normally do not answer calls that are blocked (i.e. Unknown, Private) Only when I believe it's my gf or a close friend. When you call, and I do not answer, leave a message.

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To My Previous Post   
12:21pm 20/07/2005
  Well, to conclusion to that last update, I figured out who called ast night.

I'm on the phone with my baby right now ^_^ I noticed that Jess called me around 7...haha..thank god i wasn't up... cuz i would've been very grumpy..

Anyways.. I gotta finish up homework...p3@c3
12:03pm 19/07/2005
  I find girls so amusing... Girls are so many things.. and they are annoying... I swear... I lost friendships cuz of their stupidity and drama.. Sometimes I wonder about them..and others... Just the other day someone IMed me and did not bother to tell me who they were.. I really dont care.. It's just immaturity and annoyance...

I love my gf, and I'm happy. I've been really busy lately. School, Work, Clubbing, Promoting, Picnic, Shows, ect. I have a sunburn on my lower back from Sunday's Picnic. It seems that Shey missed me by a hair at both the Green Party and the family picnic.. Just so you kno Shey! You can always ask Tamara where I am... lol

JD and I were talking about the updating that will be done on the main website. Talking about whats gonna be going on at the meeting, watching the video that I took at our previous show, tagging the photos, coming up with new ideas, making a new banner. Getting more bios done, have a section for me (the Official Photographer) and so on. Plus, JD wants to meet my gf <3 hehe..

Right now I'm in the library at school talking to my gf on my cell.. And I'm gonna go now. So.. Ciao!
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09:07am 12/07/2005
I'm in my comp class typing up letters and faxes. What fun. I miss my baby. I wish I was able to go see her last night. She needed sum luvin <3

I find it funny when people argue illogically. I mean really. When your arguing about sumthing and bring up things that do not deal with what you are arguing about, then you kno ur letting your emotions get away with you. And that your being stupid

Jess called me last night, and told me sumthings that Sandra has said. And now Sandra is saying other things. But ya kno what? I do not care who is telling the truth or not. It's petty drama that I do not need. I've been pretty well with being stress free.

I love my girlfriend. She's the best thing that has happened to me since... ever! For those who like to be all nosey in my life, well..Fuck off.. And thats towards those who like to bring drama and shit into my business. For those who I love, and hang out with and work with, You all are the best <3

I will be getting my tattoo the weekend of my Birthday. I just gotta make sure that I save the money..and maybe I get a few brithday gifts..that'll help me with that.. ;) lol

Well I'm gonna go now. P3@c3
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Have Ya Heard Da Gr8 News?   
01:38pm 07/07/2005
mood: content
The Jeninator is single no longer! I have the sweetest gal eva! I just spent the past 4 hours with her just cuddling and watching movies. SO nice! But I'm dehydrated right now and tired..cuz I haven't slept at all.. and I got to go to work once I drive home from school.. Blah!

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SleepLess NIghts   
08:33am 07/07/2005
mood: blah

I am tired.. I wanna get out of class.. I wanna cuddle with sumone. Afta class I'll be goin ova to Bri's house. She's my potential gf.

Man, I have so much I gotta do this month. This Friday, JD and I are gonna hang out. Dunno what we are gonna do exactly.. Maybe we'll go to Cloud 9, or maybe we'll go to Cherry Pie. Then Saturday I'm supposed to chill with Tiff. Next Friday I have to go to the Drama Kings meeting, then go to Cloud 9 for the Taste Tha Rainb0w Event. Gotta wear Green! Then that Sunday I gotta go to the Family Picnic over in Ft. Lauderdale. Then the 31st I gotta go to a mandatory meeting for 6Flavas.

Damn.. My next class is at 2pm.. Blah!!! I got so much shit to do.. I'm so annoyed with Logic...when the book has a few sections where it is unclear..and wrong.. lol

I hope that I get a new gf.. I'll be most happy. I want a relationship nnot based on sex.. and I dont want more stress or drama than I need right now...

Well I'm gonna go now.. P3@c3
Tech Support   
08:44am 05/07/2005
mood: accomplished
It's been awhile since I've updated. I'm in class right now.. I was late..yet again, but atleast by only 15 minutes. Thursday I didn't even bother going. My 4th of July was great. Got out of work early. Wohoo!

Work was so...boring.. Jess and I ended up talking to Danny for like..45 minutes.. lol One of the stockers likes Nicole.. go figure. The other Nicole ripped the seam on the bottom of her pants. lol She's so great. All night I had been on the phone talking to JD and Tiff.

Tiff was in the hospital, and she's not even feeling well :( They didn't even really give her anything to make her feel better... I hope she doesn't die.. I would really be in a black hole.. I love her to death <3

I drove over to TIff's house, bought her Mickey D's and we watched Iron Chef, then whatever else was on the Food Channel. I ended up falling asleep at her house, lol. But its all good! I told my mom before I went to work that I was going out..lol It's best if I tell her ahead of time so that she doesn't call me.. lol

LesbiansCollapse )
12:37am 22/06/2005
  Our relationship
1. Have we kissed?:
2. Do you want to?:
3. What would you like our relationship to be?:
4. Have we dated?:
5. Did you like it?:
6. Do you want to date?:
7. Are we close friends?:
8. Would you be here if I needed you?:
9. Are you attracted to me?:
10. Mentally, sexually, or both?:
11. Do you love me?:

Do you like my-

12. Face?:
13. Eyes?:
14. Lips?:
15. Body?:
16. Arms?:
17. Legs?:
18. Clothes?:
19. Butt?:
20. Hands?:
21. Hair?:

Do think I'm-

22. Sexy?:
23. Beautiful?:
24. Hot?:
25. Cute?:


Do you think I'm-
26. Crazy?:
27. Nice?:
28. Fun to be around?:
29. Funny?:
30. Annoying?:

Would you..

31. Share chocolate with me?:
32. Spend a weekend with me?:
33. Alone?:
34. Hook up with me?:
35. Have sex with me?:
36. Care if I ran away?:
37. Care if I died?:
38. Miss me if I left?:
39. Hang out with me?:

What would you do if..

40. I kissed you?:
41. You found out I was missing?:
42. You found out I was in the hospital?:
43. You found out I was dead?:
44. I cried?:
45. I asked you for help?:
46. I told you I loved you?:
47. I told you I hated you?:
48. Someone told you I wanted you to kiss me?:
49. Someone told you I had a crush on you?:

In the last week have you..

50. Wanted to kiss me?:
51. Wanted to see me?:
52. Wanted to have sex with me?:
53. Wanted to tell me you loved me?:
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55. Wanted to get to know me better?:
56. Thought about me?:
57. Missed me?:
58. Wanted me?:
59. Seen me?:
60. Kissed me?:

Have I..

61. Kissed you?
62. Hugged you?
63. Told you I loved you?:
64. Made you happy?:
65. Made you sad?:
66. Made you angry?:
67. Made you feel better if you were upset?:

Are you..

68. Happy you know me?:
69. Going to post this is so I can answer it?:
70. Done with this survey?: